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Tips & Tricks April 2017

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The Benefits of Having Anti-virus Protection
Written by: Jessica Drew (
The real benefit of anti-virus protection is directly related to the consequences of not having anti-virus software. The internet is not a secure place by any means, and even the most tech-savvy users have a relatively high likelihood of downloading some form of malware or becoming the victim of an identity-stealing scam just by going online occasionally.

Learning just a little bit about the consequences of not having anti-virus protection should be enough to convince everyone they need it. Here are a few important reasons to get top-quality anti-virus protection for your computer:

Protection from Viruses

Viruses are the most well known computer attackers, and they can do all sorts of damage. There are many types of viruses that each have the ability to compromise PCs in different ways. Most typically, users acquire a virus by downloading questionable files that are falsely presented as other things in an email scam, or by visiting a phishing website.

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How to Make Your Windows 10 PC Boot Faster
Written by: Chris Hoffman (
Windows 10 offers a startup application manager that practically any Windows user can use. It's integrated into the operating system and simple to understand - it even shows which programs are slowing down startup the most.

Windows comptuers tend to boot slower over time as you install more desktop programs, many of which add themselves to the startup process and automatically start each time you boot your computer. The new Startup manager helps you trim things down.

Access Windows 10's Startup Manager

You'll find this feature in the Task Manager. To open it, right-click the taskbar (or long-press on it with touch) and select Task Manager.

You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Escape to open the Task Manager directly, or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click Task Manager.

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How to Clean Your Laptop
Written by: Melanie Pinola (
When was the last time you cleaned your laptop? Yeah, we thought so. This simple computer maintenance task doesn't just get rid of accumulated dirt and dust--it keeps your laptop running in tip top shape.

Laptop Parts to Clean

The five general parts of the laptop you should keep clean are the case, the LCD screen, the laptop keyboard (and touchpad), the ports, and the cooling vents.

You can also open up your laptop to expose and clean its cooling system (the fan and heat sink), but only attempt that if you're comfortable opening up your laptop.

Cleaning the cooling system can help solve laptop overheating problems and related symptoms like your laptop freezing or having issues shutting down.

As always, defer to your laptop manufacturer's manual for the recommended procedure for laptop cleaning.

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How Does RAM Affect Computer Speed?
Written by: William Hilary (
When you buy a new computer, one of the specifications you should consider is the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) it has. But why? What is RAM and how does it affect your computing experience?

It's all about speed

First of all, RAM--physical memory--is where your computer stores temporary information while the PC is turned on. It affects how fast your computer is in two ways--both by how much memory you have and the memory's rated speed.

Certain tasks require more memory than others

Certain computer processes use more memory than others. Microsoft Word, for example, doesn't require much of a memory footprint to generate its documents. But if you're playing a videogame or trying to edit photos or video, the data rate can be incredibly high. And running several programs at once can use additional RAM as well.

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