Tune Ups & General Trouble Shooting

Is it taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down? Do you have to restart your computer because of lockups?
Receiving error messages? Computer sluggish or run very slowly? Are programs not responding? Crashing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a computer tune up.

Over time, your computer progressively slows down and becomes less effective and unreliable. Since the slow down occurs gradually, you may not notice the loss of performance. For optimal execution, your computer needs a tune up on a regular basis.
  • Check device manager for hardware problems and update device drivers if necessary.
  • Check browser configuration and perform a clean-up (ie: remove temp internet files, history, cookies, etc...)
  • Remove unnecessary programs from starting and uninstall programs that aren't being used.
  • Install (if required) and update anti-spyware/malware software and scan machine.
  • Install (if required) and update anti-virus software and scan machine.
  • Ensure your computer's patching is up to date (ie: Microsoft, Java, Adobe Flash/Shockwave, etc...)
These are just some of the things we do to restore your computer to its peak performance and improve its reliability.

Think you might have lost all your documents / pictures because of a disk drive failure, let Screentastic attempt to recover your files before you give up and believe they're gone forever. We use special software to analyze your disk to see if the partitions are damaged and can be restored. If you deleted files by accident there is a good possibility they can be recovered.

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